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Everyone who has appeared in the recent rape drama are ‘beautifully ugly’.

If it was a movie, and I am to write a review, I’d use descriptive words like suspicious, vulnerable, strange, common, pastoral and other ‘rubber bullet’ interjections.

From all of the narratives, there is a trample-down desperation from the trousers of the pastor, if the allegations are true.

Accordingly, before the “churchism”, the exploited stories and the ‘My God, My God’ exaltations, there should be hope for the unpopular and undetected hundred of thousands rape victims.

I want to raise further that ahead of available stories that worth the breakdown of the Pastor’s public profile, there might just be more of what is unknown. May God forgive every of our slack as people and as Nigerians for those who are the victims who cried to us at times that we have till tomorrow neglected.

The Nigerian newspapers can bear witness that almost every week, there are sex-related offences the public gets informed about.

Call it too much violation, say it is excessive, let us all point it out that at any level, anyone apprehended in rape allegations should be severely dealt with by justice, so that it would not just serve as a deterrent to other perpetrators but also create an atmosphere where the female genders will be under less pressures and victimization.

Historically, there was an alleged rape of a nine month old baby girl in South Africa by six men believing that a virgin is a panacea to HIV/AIDS. It was confirmed one of the six was HIV positive.

The report pointed that this was done in a country where there is persistent rise of rape crime, with much efforts in combating it.

While we try to raise more questions from this, in Eastern Cape, same year, a deputy Headmaster was on trial, for raping school girls for a time interest of ten years, and he had twenty girls impregnated.

Contrasting the rape cries and crises of these countries, what is similar is that, Nigeria is yet to absorb the chest-push of this crime of molestation, and at this point, it is a dysfunction.

Contributing to why there are yet to be surpassing measures to violence of rape, are the unseenbroles which the home and the society have played.

Recognising that a lot of theses and projects have been established creatively on how to stop the abuse and the measures to be taken against the abuser; these methods are even more practical and radical, but it is shameful that the society still persist in this menace.

We would continue to make inference that the root has failed us. A situation that is beyond thinking big, but rather acting at the possible best.

Parents should give more of affective ears to the children. Being afraid sometimes deprive a child to tell his or her stories.

When this is forwarded with absolute orientation for the boy and girl child, there is an assurance we forge ahead.

Absolute orientation should guide a male child (beardless or not) and instruct him never to rape.

The absolute orientation should guide a girl child and also instruct her to be cautious around the society.

The law is the only defence and protector for the raped who can’t throw up their voices.

The baby child or even a mad woman and every others, deserve to themselves their dignity.

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