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OSUN 2022: PDP Cannot Be Ambushed – Oluwafemi Noheem

It was shocking to see the social media buzzing over the purported endorsement of Sen. Ademola Adeleke as the Osun State PDP Gubernatorial candidate for 2022 and the the endorsement of his brother as the Leader of the party in the State.

It is sad that those who are supposed to know how the political games are played according to party rules sat down while people were moving and supporting motions in an ‘Amala and Gbegiri’ occasion.

The party was supposed to be in a sombre mood after our undeserved loss at the Supreme Court just few days back. We should have commenced a forensic and thorough analysis of all the recent elections so as to understand how and where things went wrong and how best to approach the future.

The fifth columnist have started their shenanigans early enough on the party, but I can boldly say that those who raised and supported that motion are not sincere PDP members. That occasion for one, was a Thanksgiving program, not a party event meant for such act, if it would ever take place.

Without sounding immodest, Dr. Deji Adeleke has done so well for Osun PDP by financing his brother’s election and supporting the party as need arose, but it would be unfair to run the man into another venture almost immediately even if he was willing.

This is clearly an attempt to keep his deep pocket open so that some persons can continue to rip him off.

He is not a card carrying member of the party to the best of my knowledge and he has not held or contested any political office to be coronated as the Leader.

To the best of my understanding, this endorsement in fact exposes Sen. Ademola Adeleke to the evil machinations of the APC, a party that has been known over the years for desperation, wickedness and daylight political robbery.

Even if Ademola Adeleke will fly the flag of the party in 2022 as the motion movers posited, is it not too early to start putting him in the eye of the storm?

What the good people of Osun need now is a viable and vibrant opposition that will put the ruling party on its toes so as to ensure good governance and dividends of democracy in the state before the next round of politicking which is still far more than two years away.

To achieve this vibrancy that is needed at this time, the structures of the party need be fully mobilised to do things according to the dictates of the party rules. Internal democracy is key and must not be derailed by this premature endorsement.

The party needs to consolidate on the love it received from Osun people in the last round of elections to solidify its position in the hearts of the people and map out its comeback in 2022/2023. This is what I believe to be proper strategy.

I sincerely do hope that this endorsement will not ignite a new round of crisis in the party.

We are grateful to OSUN people for having faith in OSUN PDP over the years, we appreciate you all for voting PDP.

Oluwafemi Noheem
Publicity Secretary
PDP Young Democrats.

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