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If President Muhammadu Buhari disappears. By -Tunde Odesola

If President Muhammadu Buhari suddenly disappears without resigning, tongues will bite, tails will bark; 190 million Nigerians will talk all at once. And if he reappears silently like Professor Peller, with cows in tow, party men will hail; palms will pump in excited handshakes and slap backs across the land in congratulatory joy of assured sumptuous meal tickets for relatives, aides, friends and concubines. Such is the deceptive way of politics. But I’m certain our President ain’t going nowhere! Solid like the Olumo Rock, Aisha’s husband won’t disappear in the next four years.

But Nigeria, our fatherland, is fast disappearing on the geo-political map of global reckoning. Before you accuse me of crying wolf, may I remind you that Nigeria won’t be the first country to disappear on the world map? West Germany, East Germany, Ceylon, Czechoslovakia, Mesopotamia, Prussia, Vermont, Yugoslavia, Newfoundland and many more were all independent countries before something happened to them. The reasons why a country could disappear are as many as they vary. Like we have presently in Nigeria, prospering insecurity, exploding poverty, lame economy, murderous ethnicity, social injustice, insane corruption, and government’s hopeless insensitivity and deceit are some of the reasons for the fall of many independent countries.

I recall the other day when I discussed my fear of a disappearing Nigeria with the Chairman, Tuns Group, Asiwaju Tunde Badmus. When you’re with a father-figure mentor, discussion could centre round anything and everything. On this particular day, we talked about Nigeria, her politics and leaders. I told Asiwaju, as he’s popularly called, that if Nigeria, with her people and natural resources suddenly disappeared from the world map, the world won’t notice. Yes, and I repeat: If Nigeria suddenly drops off the map into a black hole, the world won’t miss

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