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The leading aspirant of House of Representatives, Ife Federal Constituency has declared his intention to give the good people of Ile Ife the best quality representation they could ever imagine in the history of the constituency.

Adewopo is a double prince and global trade financing expert who the whole constituency is eyeing for the important political post.

The Prince of Ile-Ife wrote an heart warming letter to his people.


My dear people of Ife Federal Constituency:

I have visited the National Secretariat of our great party, PDP to purchase my Nomination and Expression of Interest Forms to contest in the primary elections for the 10th Assembly of the Federal House of Representatives. By this singular and humble step, I offer myself to serve my people and to represent Ife Federal Constituency at the 10th National Assembly. I do not take this lightly.

The decision is humbling and indeed marks the beginning of our journey to a renewed representation, service and leadership. This decision is borne out of my passion to add value to our constituency, Osun State and our beloved country at large. It is a decision to join other well-meaning Nigerians who would be elected into the 10th National Assembly to formulate transformative legislative policies.

As an unrepentant believer in the prospects of the development of our dear Constituency, it hurts to see the level of impoverishment foisted on my people and the land of my ancestors. Our constituency has agonizingly witnessed grandstanding, showmanship and lack of ideas in the last few years; I believe our beloved Constituency have all it takes to do better and indeed should and can do better.

This is a task we must achieve for the good people of Ife. We cannot afford to fail and we will not fail with me as your Representative.

I seek this office to bring good governance to the people, mentor the next generation and unite us as a people despite our diversities. It is my strong faith that this can be achieved through meaningful and impactful legislation.

My background has adequately prepared me for the task ahead. I bring with me over two decades of experience and leadership across Private- Public sectors, Corporate and Global engagements as Legal and Business Counsel across five continents.

My Professional pursuits have culminated in my being a corporate governance specialist, a legal practitioner, and a global trade and finance consultant. As a student of Global Economy, I have deep understanding of the dynamics of Development and how dynamic representation and law making can bring sustainable development to our people and our beloved constituency.

My priority would not be cosmetic nor superficial, but would address the economic realities for the resuscitation and restoration of the socio-economic indices of our constituency that would be felt by all and sundry.

To achieve this, my plan for the constituency is aptly termed the HOPE agenda: a 4-point Development agenda in key areas of Health, Opportunities Projects and Education. I believe this is the real hope of our people and the foundation of a prosperous society especially for a constituency as endowed as ours that desperately needs dynamic representation at the Federal level TO UNLOCK HER HIDDEN TREASURES.

I am prepared to roll up my sleeves and work to sponsor legislations that will directly and sustainably impact our constituency. To promote qualitative education, empowerment programs, technology and innovation hubs, healthcare, power, infrastructure and alleviation of poverty.

The House of Representatives was established as the people’s house and for the people’s business. Therefore, it only makes common sense to elect a representative that will do the people’s business, eloquently speak for the people and champion the people’s cause. Only by doing this would the people’s hopes and aspirations be fulfilled.

OUR HOPE IS SURE with I, Prince Ayoade Adewopo (Ayombo) as your Federal Representative in the 10th National Assembly.

With great honor and a deep sense of humility, I solemnly declare my desire to serve my good people of Ife Federal Constituency as our Representative in the Federal House of Representatives during the 10th National Assembly.

I would like to thank the PDP in anticipation of this mandate as I look forward to working with great minds in the party to make this a reality.

God bless PDP !
God bless Ife Federal Constituency !!
God bless Osun State !!!
God bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria !!!!

Thank you.

Sincerely Yours,

Prince Ayoade Adewopo

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