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HealthWatch: Holiday Health & Safety tips, Dr. Olutoyosi advise Nigerians

Holidays serve as opportunities where we let down our hair and put up our feet to enjoy precious time with family and friends, reflect on and celebrate life, show gratitude, and catch up on fun. In this wise, we unwittingly let down our guards with our hair. Here are a few tips to help us along.

  1. There’s a tendency to overeat as we go visiting family and friends. It takes some high degree of discipline not to. Don’t attend any outing on an empty stomach. While you are at it, make healthy choices and eat small bits (portion control). Dont stock up too much food and also remember to be active.
  2. Alcohol intake tends to increase during this period and the dangers are many, like, poisoned drinks, loss of inbition that may lead to sexual and other forms of exploitation. Be careful. Eat before you start on alcohol and do not overindulge. Drink water or soft drinks between each alcoholic drink. Go to gatherings with familiar people you trust.
  3. Travel safely. Don’t drink and drive, and don’t let someone else drink and drive and use a seat belt anytime you’rein the car. Use appropriate car seat for a child.
  4. Keep a watchful eyes on kids especially when they are playing and keep medications, household appliances, alcohol and choking objects out of reach. . Make sure toys are used properly. Ensure TV and bed times and enforce them.
  5. Take extra care as injuries are bound to happen as we go about the holiday fest. Use proper protective fear and the right tools to get anything done around the house.
  6. Be security conscious. We tend to drop our guard during the holiday. It’s a price we pay for ‘fun’. The distraction of having more social interactions during the holiday can be expoited by evil people. Have your house, cars and office secure.
  7. Do not forget to take prescribed medications during the holiday. Forgetting to or deliberately not taking them may have harmful effects.
  8. Shop ahead and avoid last minute shopping. It can be stressful..
  9. Wash your hands regularly as you shake hands and interact more with people whose travel history you’re not privy to. Have a sanitizer handy and encourage its use among your circle.
  10. Store and refrigerate foods properly and keep them away from contamination.
  11. Don’t compromise your sleep for socializing and ‘fun’ overindulgence. It leaves one irritable and prone to accidents and poor judgement.
  12. Erm… em.. practise safe sex. 😊

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