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Electric Mobility: The MAX E Vision

The MAX E Series

By Oluwafemi Agagu

The trend of innovation has over the years experienced noteworthy improvement.

Innovative answers for both petroleum and diesel engines as electrified frameworks have structured the reason for zero-emission vehicles.

With its comprehensive toolkits, Nigeria’s bike hailing startup, Metro Africa Xpress (MAX), through its vision of “MAXe” is exhibiting the potential outcome of quality bikes with its technology that guarantees more environmentally, naturally, friendly, excellent, affordable and increasingly comfortable mobility.​​​​​​​

MAX, whose vision is to transform mobility and logistics across Africa using mobile technology is a Nigeria-based mobility platform that connects users to equipped and well-trained professional motorcycle-taxi drivers, best called CHAMPIONS via a mobile app, called MAXOkada.

Since MAXOkada started in 2015, the startup has experienced significant changes. Having started as a delivery startup, the ‘visioned movement’ founded by Adetayo Bamiduro and Chinedu Azodoh has now extended to full on-request transportation and ride-hailing organization.

Apparently, these tech focused founders must have envisioned for a long time that the future of mobility would be more electric and more connected. But turning the ideal vision of an electric mobility into a reality would require more than one kind of electric vehicle technology. It would require a multi-power strategy.

Nonetheless, we must know that in Nigeria, electric vehicles have not been popular yet. This is to a great extent because of the energy issues in the nation.

Be that as it may, MAX’s selection of a model that would depend on charging and battery swapping stations might change minds.

Battery Swapping Station

Imperatively, kudos be given to MAX as the vision, MAXe is being assembled in Nigeria. This noteworthy achievement shows financial specialists that there is a business opportunity for EVs in the nation. It also shows that Nigeria can make reasonable and sustainable transportation systems that can be powered by sustainable power source.

However, it is also worthy to note that, since the start of the year, competition in the ride-hailing business has intensified, as new entrants like Gokada and the Opera funded O’Ride came into the market with deep pockets.

With MAX’s recent expansion to Akure, and the potential extension to Ibadan which in few weeks would become a brisk fulfillment, as well as the launch of MAXe, MAXOkada is poised to reclaim control of the market.

More so, electric bikes in the MAXe Series would be much faster, smoother, noiseless and definitely safer for the environment.

First Installment of the MAX E Series 1

Infrastructures like charging stations are also being put in place and will make costs effectively cheaper for drivers than the diesel or petroleum alternatives.

Charging/Battery Swapping Ports

Effectiveness is firmly identified with sustainability. Proficient, earth benevolent motor-bikes would use less energy and produce extensively zero CO emissions. Hence, through the electrification of a diesel or fuel motor, CO outflows and fumes gases can be completely scrapped.

This is the right path forward for realizing the full potential of electric mobility and MAX stands ready to ensure that this future arrives soon.

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