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Ajilesoro: ‘Dont back the same Horse’

Insanity is when a bird goes about making the same mistakes that made the other bird got stoned to death. Over time, the Nigerian setting has showed that politics is a game of twist and time. It’s a notion that leaves one’s legacy within the sands of time. The 25th and incumbent President of France, Emmanuel Macron once said, ‘when politics is no longer a mission but a profession, politicians become more self-serving than public servants.’ And of course, when campaigning and during elections, politicians consider self-interest or interest of political stakeholders relevant to them.

When they win elections and form government, they are expected to do all they do and govern in the interest of the people, but it’s a pity the case is usually a reversal one after the assumption of office. This was basically the case of Hon. Albert Adeogun. A political office holder who neglected his constituents in putting in place empowerment programmes and job opportunities; incapable of withholding the structure of the party and people at large, and became a self servant rather than serving the people. In a swift reaction from the people, he lost the mandate that ushered in Hon. Bimbo Ajilesoro, the rep elect of Ife federal constituency. Consequently, this is a call to Hon. Bimbo Ajilesoro, to thread softy and not back the horse his predecessor rode. Ife federal constituency is predominantly occupied by youths who are vibrant and politically and socially sound.

The last gubernatorial election was an evidence on how politically Ife federal constituency is. There are a lot of graduates and entrepreneurs who in one way or the other will need the support of the representatives at all level of governance, but the last disposition was unable to work justice towards that. To that end, Hon. Ajilesoro should ensure he fills all the lacunas which Adeogun left wide open. He should extensively ensure that his constituents feel his impacts enormously by dwelling on so many youth empowerment programmes, skill acquisition, mini-infrastructure development, small and medium scale industry empowerments for indigenes of his constituents, as well as promotion of peace and security and human capital development, which would altogether create prosperity for all members of Ife constituency, within the record time.

This would also artract attentions from domestic and foreign investors to come fill Ife in, which would further promote the capital and gross growth of Ife and Osun State at large.

God bless Ife!

God bless Osun State!

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